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victor and VideoEdge 6.1

In security, response time is of the utmost importance, but relying on human eyes to detect real-time security risks is prone to error. Furthermore, searching for a person or object of interest traditionally requires an experienced investigator with deep knowledge of the camera network to locate the relevant hours of video footage to quickly and accurately find objects that could otherwise be missed.

Illustra AI proactively identifies an ever-expanding set of object classifications and attributes as they stream in from the camera, generating rich metadata aligned with stored video. This allows you to search against this synchronized metadata stream within victor to quickly find specific objects and people based on color description.

A new AI hitbox overlay in victor enables live visualization of Illustra AI object detection and tracking, object classification, and object attributes.

Updates to the Forensic Search tool empowers operators and investigators to build simple to complex queries of the NVR-stored metadata. Multiple objects and attributes can be added to a query with either a Match All or Match Any criteria.

Enhanced capability for AI-driven forensic search

  • Quickly find an object of interest based on type and attribute

AD Cloud Services – VideoEdge Archiving

  • AD Cloud Services extends storage via a hybrid-cloud solution

Command Center Configuration Tool Enhancement

  • American Dynamics offers an application-specific, cost-effective, easy-to-install video wall solution

Enable Camera Alerts and Analytics Concurrently