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License Plate Recognition

License Plate Recognition (LPR) from victor and VideoEdge allows system operators to identify, track and analyze vehicles at entry and exit points without adding an additional server to the infrastructure. Automatically capture license plates in both stop & go and slow moving traffic to be reviewed later, removing the need for a dedicated LPR operator.

Detect unwanted visitors, or alert customer service when an important person has entered the area, for enhanced outdoor surveillance. Find plates containing commonly confused characters when utilizing the fuzzy match search option for fast investigations in the event of a vehicle break-in or vandalism.

Broad regional support allows operators from multiple countries to identify license plate characters, leading to a greater percentage of matches.

  • Built into VideoEdge NVR – no additional server required.
  • Global support for vehicle plate identification including BIC international containment codes.
  • Keep alarms from triggering for vehicles that arrive daily while ensuring prohibited vehicles are identified.
  • Fuzzy match allows for enhanced detection of commonly confused characteristics.