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HOLIS Pro VMS is comprised of system servers preloaded with HVM-S5000 VMS software, storage servers, AI-embedded NVRs, decoders and keyboards. Equipped with AI-enabled video analytic technology, HOLIS Pro VMS gives the security operators a superior advantage against potential threats with shortened response time and more accurate search capabilities.

HVM-S5000 Video Management Plaform

Equipped with AI-enabled video analytic technology, HOLIS Pro VMS gives the security operators a superior advantage against potential threats with shortened response time and more accurate search capabilities. With the flexible distributed structure and easy-to-use operations, the HOLIS Pro VMS is widely applied to the surveillance projects of medium to large scale, providing a unified management of IP cameras, access control and intrusion security systems.


HVM-HSS2100 Central System Management Server (Enterprise)

With a modular and distributed architecture, the HOLIS Pro VMS provides customized functions according to customer needs, and is scalable for real-time management of up to 30,000 video channels. The Linux-based hardware deployment not only improves the stability of the system, but also greatly reduces the total cost of ownership.


HRN 8CH/16CH Embedded NVR

The HOLIS Pro HRN 8CH/16CH Embedded NVR supports H.265 video compression technology that dramatically reduces bandwidth and storage requirements while still delivering superb image and audio quality. The NVR supports simultaneous recording, live monitoring, search and playback for up to 8 / 16 IP cameras with high definition video output up to 4K. The smart search functions provide quick recall and viewing of recorded video of defined events .


HVM-HRS2400 Network Video Storage Server

The HOLIS Pro Network Video Storage Server provides reliable and high performance storage solutions for 24*7 video recording. It supports 24 units of 3.5" SATA/SAS hot plug hard drives with max 240TB storage capacity and uses web management for easy system deployment. The low power and redundant power supplies ensure system stability while saving the energy.


H.265 Embedded Ultra HD (4K) Decoder

The H.265 Embedded Ultra HD(4K) Decoder is easy interoperable with HOLIS Pro software, providing a simple monitoring solution by enabling monitors to connect to and display live video from network cameras. Embedded with a high performance SOC that is specially designed for video surveillance applications, the decoder offers cost effective and 24*7 video decoding at low power consumption.


HVM-HSS2000L/HCO2000 Micro Desktop Server

HVM-HSS2000L/HCO2000 Micro Desktop Server (Client) is pre-installed with HOLIS Pro software and is easy to setup. The all-in-one deployment server is cost effective and suitable for small and medium business applications. Besides the traditional video surveillance, the micro system server can also support Edge AI that adds more value for customers, such as temperature screening, object counting, facial recognition and etc.


HSC-2000 Network Color Touch Screen Keyboard Controller

The HOLIS Pro Network Color Touch Screen Keyboard Controller is seamlessly integrated with the HOLIS Pro-S5000 VMS Platform. It supports H.265/H.264 decoding with maximum 4 split screens. In PTZ mode the keyboard supports up to 1024 cameras and in platform mode it supports up to 2000 cameras. Dedicated hard keys are provided for common selections including alternate camera selection and PTZ control. With a slim design of 10" capacitive touch screen, the keyboard provides an intuitive user experience by selecting the menu on the toucn screen.


HRS-32082A-FR50 Intelligent Facial Recognition and Comparison Equipment

The HOLIS Pro AI-embedded NVR supports up to 10,000 faces in the database, and is capable to perform thousands of facial matching operations per minute. Security operators can search people of interest using a previously saved image or from images captured from live video. The results for these searches can be shown on E-map tracking across servers, sorted by time, by event and by bookmark and selected clips can be saved/exported. The facial matching can also be used for a quick recognition of enrolled faces including VIPs, and unwanted persons.