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victor Unified Video Management Application

victor is a globally scalable solution optimized for command and control that seamlessly synchronizes video surveillance with access control, fire, intrusion and other systems into one powerful, intuitive interface. The Video Management System's powerful collaboration for security operations command allows any operator to immediately share cameras of interest, streamlining real-time security command and management over a widespread, demanding environment.

Save administrator resources with powerful features like person-based intelligent search, narrowing down search time from minutes to seconds to gain the upper hand against potential threats. When you combine the powerful capabilities of victor with the intelligence of VideoEdge NVRs, you reach new heights in video management with actionable insights to save time, money, and lives. Leveraging high-performance smart video searching, video intelligence, and case management along with an extensive feature set, users gain greater situational awareness.

The victor VMS has been designed to protect against cyber-threats. This resilient solution has archiving and failover technologies that provide business continuity across a variety of outages. With support for management of user accounts using Microsoft Active Directory, access to victor's critical functions, including privacy related data, can be tightly controlled from a centralized location.

victor is designed with a scalable portfolio of clients, customizing a solution that is right for any business. victor Express is the ideal video management software for small businesses at a single-site location. victor Professional is optimized for command and control to seamlessly synchronize video surveillance with additional security systems into one powerful, intuitive interface. victor Enterprise provides a centralized master application server and multiple satellite application servers that create a robust infrastructure in support of thousands of video recorders.

  • Powerful salability for increased awareness of dynamic environments
  • Manage a federated server architecture from a master application server
  • Support thousands of video recorders
  • Advanced event, map, and clip management
  • Comprehensive, active surveillance environment
  • View events and generate global reports across the entire system