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victor and VideoEdge Video Analytics

Transform video into actionable data and business intelligence. Embedded video analytics and intelligence can greatly improve the efficiency of your security personnel and offer insights to improve operations.

Tyco AI

Powerful AI and video analytics can now be combined and integrated with the victor/ VideoEdge solution to strengthen operation efficiency and effectiveness. By simply allocating a license to a camera, the system will immediately begin collecting behavioral metadata reporting key performance indicators and trigger real-time alarms.


Video Intelligence

Video Intelligence Analytics are uniquely bundled into VideoEdge NVRs and can be integrated with victor video management software to greatly improve the efficiency of security personnel and daily business operations. By simply allocating an analytics license to a camera, the NVR will immediately begin collecting behavioral metadata for indexing and filtering. Metadata can also be used for reporting and triggering alarms to streamline processes and augment overall productivity.


Facial Biometrics

The victor and VideoEdge Facial Biometric Analytic immediately alerts operators when known individuals enter an area of interest, allowing for a fast and efficient response. Add up to 1,000 faces to victor’s Identity Manager, saving resources and providing a scalable facial recognition infrastructure across dozens to hundreds of NVRs. Images can be dynamically added to the database by uploading headshots or saving video still frames. Stored and indexed faces can be easily searched for across the entire enterprise and corresponding video is displayed for forensic investigation.


License Plate Recognition

License Plate Recognition (LPR) from victor and VideoEdge allows system operators to identify, track and analyze vehicles at entry and exit points without adding an additional server to the infrastructure. Automatically capture license plates in both stop & go and slow moving traffic to be reviewed later, removing the need for a dedicated LPR operator.