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Tyco AI

Powerful AI and video analytics can now be combined and integrated with the victor/ VideoEdge solution to strengthen operation efficiency and effectiveness. By simply allocating a license to a camera, the system will immediately begin collecting behavioral metadata reporting key performance indicators and trigger real-time alarms. Detect suspicious objects and abnormal behavior to identify trends that help mitigate threats, and pinpoint exact location of alarms on maps to arm security teams with life-saving details. With the powerful, automated, and forensic search capabilities power by Tyco AI, victor/ VideoEdge users are able to save time when minutes matter.

Adding AI to the victor/ VideoEdge system gives the user an intelligent, comprehensive solution to equip their business with higher accuracy, more powerful features, giving their business security a superior advantage against potential threats.

  • Re-identification Intelligent Search - Allows video system operators to locate suspects of interest in just a few moments. Perform searches of people using a previously saved image or from still images captured from live video within victor Client. The results for these searches can be sorted by relevance or time, and selected clips can be saved/ exported.
  • Area Occupancy - Using AI technology, you can automate the counting of people. With this feature enabled, the security administrators can focus more on other important tasks while the people counting feature runs automatically. The occupancy count can aggregate multiple entrances and exits within the entire camera deployment.
  • Mask Detection - Allows for quick and efficient response to ensure the overall health and safety of those within the building or area. Using AI and analytics, security administrators are able to detect when people entering a building are wearing a mask or not.
  • Face Matching – Enables rapid real-time alarms and/or quick forensic facial recognition of known and enrolled faces, including VIPs and unwanted persons.
  • Intelligent Person Search and Re-Identification
  • Area Occupancy Management
  • Facial Mask Detection
  • Tyco AI Face Matching