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Facial Biometrics

The victor and VideoEdge Facial Biometric Analytic immediately alerts operators when known individuals enter an area of interest, allowing for a fast and efficient response. Add up to 1,000 faces to victor’s Identity Manager, saving resources and providing a scalable facial recognition infrastructure across dozens to hundreds of NVRs. Images can be dynamically added to the database by uploading headshots or saving video still frames. Stored and indexed faces can be easily searched for across the entire enterprise and corresponding video is displayed for forensic investigation.

Utilize this analytic to spot or search for persons of interest such as VIPs, terminated employees, and known criminals. By integrating victor and VideoEdge Facial Biometric Analytics one can easily manage alarms and associated video for a streamlined surveillance system experience.

  • Rapid recognition of known faces, including VIPs and unwanted persons, for a fast response time.
  • Facial biometrics engine built into VideoEdge NVRs or Tyco Analytics Appliance.
  • Add up to 1,000 faces per NVR for maximum scalability in an enterprise environment.
  • Real-time or forensic facial matching across locations from a single workstation.