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KT-2 Ethernet Ready Two-Door Controller

KT-2 Ethernet-ready two-door controller supports two readers and can be configured in two user friendly operational modes. The KT-2 Standalone Mode offers basic two-door security using a simple web browser without the need to connect to a host system. Alternatively KT-2 can be used with the powerful EntraPass Security Management Software to provide more advanced and fully integrated access control features such as Wi-Fi connection. Utilizing the built-in Wi-Fi antenna reduces installation time and costs while providing an ideal solution for projects with challenging infrastructure designs that would require extensive cabling

  • * Configurable in two different modes: Provides advanced access control features when used with EntraPass Security Management Software (using an Ethernet, RS-485, or WiFi connection) or basic door security in Standalone Mode*
  • *The built-in Wi-Fi antenna helps reduce installation costs when used with EntraPass
  • *Single capacitive touch button for fast controller enrollment (EntraPass Security Management Software)
  • *Flexible power input – Power over Ethernet (PoE), PoE+ or 12 VDC
  • *End-to-end encryption using Kantech’s ioSmart reader & smart card
  • *Compatible with EntraPass Security Management Software v8.40 or higher