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EntraPass V8.50 Security Management Software

EntraPass V8.50 Special Edition Security Software

EntraPass Special Edition is a single workstation security software. It controls up to 64 Kantech door controllers (consisting of KT-1, KT-2 and KT-400 controllers). The software is comprehensive and menu-driven. It is easy to learn and operate. Administrators can define or modify parameters such as schedules or access levels, generate reports and activate controlled devices (i.e. locking/ unlocking doors, or activating relays for lighting or air conditioning). EntraPass offers full integration with Exacq video management systems, American Dynamics DVRs/ NVRs (HDVR, ADTVR and Intellex), DSC PowerSeries, PowerSeries Neo, PowerSeries Pro and MAXSYS intrusion alarm panels


EntraPass V8.50 Corporate Edition Security Software

EntraPass Corporate Edition is a proven platform that offers the ultimate balance between power and affordability in a network environment. EntraPass offers the flexibility to apply security to controllers directly connected on the network, as well as over RS-485. EntraPass software is compatible with Kantech IP devices such as KT-1/KT-2/KT-400 controllers and Kantech IP Link (KT-IP) which all utilize 128-bit AES encryption to protect communication against compromise.


EntraPass V8.50 Global Edition Security Software

EntraPass Global Edition is a powerful, network-ready enterprise level security management software that accommodates widely-dispersed applications with an unlimited number of users, controls thousands of doors and allows you to simultaneously access the system from up to 128 workstations connected to the network.