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C•CURE IQ Security Client

Built on a cybersecure web platform, the Software House C•CURE IQ Security Client lets you manage and monitor access and video from anywhere in the world on any PC or tablet with an internet browser. With an adaptive interface, you get the information that you need when you need it. The C•CURE IQ Security Client allows you to easily perform tasks such as configuring, editing, and viewing personnel records and user credentials, and assigning clearances and roles. Alarm Monitoring is adaptive with a variety of event viewing options for a visually dynamic user experience. Along with native video surveillance for live monitoring and forensic response, C•CURE IQ optimizes security operation from a single, intuitive platform.

  • Access C•CURE IQ from any PC with an internet browser
  • Streamlined and intuitive icon-driven user interface for an enhanced user experience
  • Configure, view, and manage personnel records and credentials, and assign clearances quickly and easily with an adaptive interface
  • Simplify the appearance of the UI with pre-configured or custom layouts, tailored specificity to the roles and responsibility of your security operations staff
  • Native video surveillance, ensuring optimized and comprehensive security operation from a single, intuitive platform
  • Built-in VideoEdge and Exacq NVR support,for superior live monitoring and forensic response workflows
  • Smoothly transition from light to dark mode themes to reduce light reflection for optimal viewing in a dark environment
  • Swipe & Show with view video button to see associated door related video for incoming badge reads